Proline – Your first line of barley defence

Protect your crops in the most effective way possible – boost your barley yield with Proline. Formulated with the outstanding chemistry of prothioconazole, it’s an absolute must-have for all barley disease programmes, to ensure maximum return on investment.

  • Contains Bayer’s unique prothioconazole chemistry for exceptional disease control
  • Ultimate proven protection against Rhynchosporium
  • Part of the prothioconazole family that includes SiltraXpro and Fandango – shared excellence in barley defence

What is Rhynchosporium?

Rhynchosporium in Barley causes a reduction in grain size, and consequent yield losses of between 2% and 5%. However, severe attacks can result in losses of up to 40%.

The inoculum for infection comes from previous barley crops, volunteers, seeds and grasses.  The disease is spread by rain splash and dew. Favourable factors for Rhynchosporium in barley are cool (10º to 15 º) and wet weather conditions.  Early sowing, susceptible varieties and high rainfall contribute to severe attacks.

How to spot Rhynchosporium

The first symptoms are large (1cm), pale green watery oval lesions on the leaf blade.  These turn pale brown and develop a darker margin.  In severe attacks lesions become crowded and lose their characteristic shape and colour. Often the first lesions appear near the base of the leaf (water running down the leaf tends to deposit spores in this position). The lesions then develop and can lead to total loss of the leaf. The leaf sheaths and ear can also become infected.