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Firebird is widely recognised as the standard pre-emergence herbicide for early control of annual meadow weed and broad-leaved weeds in winter wheat and winter barley.


Ascra Xpro


Ascra is a fungicide formulation for wheat growers that provides excellent foliar, stem-base and ear disease control, greening and a physiological crop boost for maximising yield potential.

Ascra Xpro2019-04-09T20:32:59+01:00

Siltra Xpro


Protect your crops in the most effective way possible - boost your barley yield with Proline. Formulated with the outstanding chemistry of prothioconazole, it’s an absolute must-have for all barley disease programmes, to ensure maximum return on investment.

Siltra Xpro2019-04-09T20:37:22+01:00

Redigo Deter


Redigo Deter is a combination insecticide and fungicide seed treatment that's safe for use on all winter cereal varieties; not just wheat and barley, but oats, rye and triticale.

Redigo Deter2018-10-16T15:19:43+01:00



Monolith is a new post-emergence herbicide formulated to tackle the increased range of cereal grass weeds in Ireland. It partners two actives with exceptional grass-weed activity – mesosulfuron and propoxycarbazone.


Tips on controlling BYDV in mild conditions


In previous years, cold weather has contributed to BYDV control through killing off some of the bird cherry oat aphids overwintering in cereal crops. However, with the mild winters experienced in the last two years, growers may need to readdress their BYDV control strategy.

Tips on controlling BYDV in mild conditions2017-08-22T14:26:56+01:00

Act now


To keep your seed treatments, we need you to be vocal, make your feelings known and make a stand. We anticipate that the proposals will be discussed at the next Standing committee in July, so now would be a good time to send in your thoughts once you’ve read this section of our website.

Act now2017-08-22T13:33:01+01:00

Stewardship and resources


Save our seed treatments Potential consequences Grower views Stewardship & resources Act now Stewardship and resources Effective stewardship is crucial to demonstrating our professional and responsible use of seed treatments. Simply, we must all handle treated seed carefully and according to recommended guidelines – and be seen to be doing [...]

Stewardship and resources2017-08-22T13:33:01+01:00
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