DK Exposé

DK Exposé is the standout variety for those wanting the best performance and workload balance in their oilseed rape growing.

pdficon DK Exposé Product Sheet

  • One of the strongest available combinations of phoma/stem canker, light leaf spot and TuYV resistance.

  • Clear visual resistance to verticillium and significantly higher yields than the most resistant standard in national stem health trials.

  • Valuable Nitrogen Use Efficiency (NUE) advantages over other varieties in reduced nitrogen studies for two years in a row.

  • Fast but particularly flexible autumn development, equally well-suited to early August or September sowing.

  • Strong lodging resistance and stem stiffness with relatively late flowering for the greatest canopy management flexibility and least frost risk.

  • Original Dekalb pod shatter resistance, maximising combining flexibility and minimising seed losses in the run-up to and at harvest.

Rapid Autumn Development

Rapid autumn and spring development to counter threats from CSFB adults and larvae as well as other pest and environmental challenges.

Double Phoma Resistance

RLM7 supported by polygenic resistance for the most durable phoma/stem canker protection and greatest spraying economy and flexibility.

TUYV Resistance

Effective resistance to Turnip Yellows Virus for extra insurance against aphid borne infections and greatest spraying economy and flexibility.

Pod Shatter Resistance

Pioneering genetic resistance to pod shattering for the least seed shedding up to and at harvest and the greatest flexibility in harvest timing

High Oil

Higher-than-average oil content to maximise gross output for added market returns.