Investing for the future with Ascra Xpro

Continuing to invest in the future Bayer has been at the forefront of modern cereal fungicide technology since their introduction in the mid 1970’s and continues to deliver innovative and highly effective solutions to Irish cereal farmers today.

With the challenge to overcome the threats posed by cereal diseases in the Ireland, Bayer continues to invest heavily in scientific research to discover the next generation of plant treatments. For every €10 our customers spend on our products, we invest €1 back into research and development.

Bayer launches Ascra Xpro

The next development in disease control and yield for Irish cereal farmers.

An exciting new cereal fungicide from Bayer and the first product on the market to combine the power of two SDHI’s with the class leading azole, Prothioconazole; delivering a further step-up in performance over existing SDHIs conforms.

Trials have already shown AscraXpro provides outstanding control of cereal diseases including improved performance against Septoria in wheat to help protect yield for Irish cereal farmers.

And like other products in the Xpro family of fungicides, AscraXpro comes with the added physiological and application benefits of the Leafshield Formulation System.

Ascra Xpro
What’s in it? 2 x SDHIs + Prothioconazole as an EC
In what crops will it be registered? Wheat
Where will it be positioned? T1 & T2 in wheat
What does it do? Septoria, rusts, Fusarium, mildew and Stem base diseases in wheat
When was it launched? 2017

Benefits of using Ascra Xpro

AscraXpro is the exciting new fungicide in wheat from the Xpro family. Approved for the 2017 season, it is the fungicide to combine 2 SDHI’s in cereals. AscraXpro contains Bixafen (65g/L) and Fluopyram (65g/L) along with Prothioconazole (130g/L) to provide outstanding yield and disease control results.

In 13 internal trials, AscraXpro outyielded current commercial standards