About Bayer Crop Science Ireland

Bayer Crop Science Ireland, with its highly effective products, pioneering innovations and keen customer focus, holds global leadership positions in crop protection and non-agricultural pest control. The company also has major activities in seeds and crop plants with genetically optimized properties.

It is structured into six operational business units: four regional units for the Crop Protection business plus the Environmental Science and BioScience units.

The Bayer CropScience Future Farmer Promise

When you buy a product from Bayer CropScience you aren’t just buying an answer to today’s problems, you’re also helping invest in the future of British and Irish farming by supporting the discovery, research and development of the answers needed for tomorrow’s challenges.

We recognise this, and to show our belief, passion and commitment for farming we created our Future Farmer Promise to bring together our wide ranging activities under five key areas. By doing this we want to make it easier for everyone to see how we make a difference to British and Irish farming, now and for generations to come.

The Bayer CropScience Future Farmer Promise

We will ensure that the future of British and Irish farming is at the heart of everything we do, by:

1. Continuing to spend significant revenue on the research and development of category-leading products, varieties and services for today and tomorrow.

2. Engaging with British and Irish farmers to ensure their farming needs are understood and by advocating their interests whenever we can.

3. Ensuring that our new technologies will balance the demands of productivity with environmental sustainability.

4. Supporting the education and training of farmers, future farmers and the wider farming industry.

5. Investing in our staff and inspiring them to play an active role in the success of British and Irish farming.